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Nucleolar-based Dux repression is essential for embryonic 2-cell stage exit. GENES & DEVELOPMENT
Xie SX, Leeke BJ, Whildling C, Wagner RT, Garcia-Llagostera F, Chammas P, Cheung NT-F, Dormann D, McManus MT, Percharde M* (2022)


Nucleolar-based Dux repression is essential for 2-cell stage exit (preprint). BIORXIV
Xie SX, Leeke BJ, Whildling C, Wagner RT, Garcia-Llagostera F, Chammas P, Cheung NT-F, Dormann D, McManus MT, Percharde M* (2021)

Depletion of nuclear LINE1 RNA in mouse ESCs and embryos. STAR PROTOCOLS
Percharde M*, Lin CJ, Ramalho-Santos M (2021)
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Homotypic clustering of L1 and B1/Alu repeats compartmentalizes the 3D genome. CELL RESEARCH
Lu JY, Chang L, Li T, Wang T, Yin Y, Zhan G, Han X, Zhang K, Tao Y, Percharde M, Wang L, Peng Q, Yan P, Zhang H, Bi X, Shao W, Hong Y, Wu Z, Ma R, Wang P, Li W, Zhang J, Chang Z, Hou Y, Zhu B, Ramalho-Santos M, Li P, Xie W, Na J, Sun Y, Shen X (2021)
Preprint here


Delineating the early transcriptional specification of the mammalian trachea and esophagus. ELIFE
Kuwahara A, Lewis AE, Coombes C, Leung FS, Percharde M, Bush JO (2020)

Genomic Repeats Categorize Genes with Distinct Functions for Orchestrated Regulation. CELL REPORTS
Lu JY, Shao W, Chang L, Yin Y, Li T, Zhang H, Hong Y, Percharde M, Guo L, Wu Z, Liu L, Liu W, Yan P, Ramalho-Santos M, Sun Y, and Shen X (2020)

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger: Transposons as Dual Players in Chromatin Regulation and Genomic Variation. BIOESSAYS
Percharde M*, Sultana S, & Ramalho-Santos M* (2020)


L1 and B1 repeats blueprint the spatial organization of chromatin (preprint). BIORXIV
J. Yuyang Lu, Lei Chang, Tong Li, Ting Wang, Yafei Yin, Ge Zhan, Ke Zhang, Michelle Percharde, Liang Wang, Qi Peng, Pixi Yan, Hui Zhang, Xue Han, Xianju Bi, Wen Shao, Yantao Hong, Zhongyang Wu, Peizhe Wang, Wenzhi Li, Jing Zhang, Zai Chang, Yingping Hou, Pilong Li, Miguel Ramalho-Santos, Jie Na, Wei Xie, Yujie Sun, and Xiaohua Shen

Maternal Vitamin C regulates reprogramming of DNA methylation and germline development. NATURE
DiTroia SP, Percharde M, Guerquin MJ, Wall E, Collignon E, Ebata KT, Mesh K, Mahesula S, Agathocleous M, Laird DJ, Livera G, Ramalho-Santos M (2019)


A LINE1-Nucleolin partnership regulates early development and ESC identity. CELL
Percharde M, Lin CJ, Yin Y, Guan J, Peixoto GA, Bulut-Karslioglu A, Biechele S, Huang B, Shen X and Ramalho-Santos M (2018)

The transcriptionally permissive chromatin state of ES cells is acutely tuned to translational output. CELL STEM CELL
Bulut-Karslioglu A, Macrae TA, Oses-Prieto JA, Covarrubias S, Percharde M, Ku G, Diaz A, McManus MT, Burlingame AL and Ramalho-Santos M (2018)


Global hypertranscription in the mouse embryonic germline. CELL REPORTS
Percharde M, Wong P and Ramalho-Santos M (2017)

Hypertranscription in development, stem cells and regeneration. DEVELOPMENTAL CELL
Percharde M, Bulut-Karslioglu A and Ramalho-Santos M (2017)


YAP induces human naìˆve pluripotency. CELL REPORTS
Qin H, Hejna M, Liu Y, Percharde M, Wossidlo M, Blouin L, Durruthy-Durruthy J, Wong P, Qi Z, Yu J, Qi LS, Sebastiano V, Song JS, Ramalho-Santos M (2016)


Essential roles for the nuclear receptor coactivator Ncoa3 in pluripotency. CELL CYCLE
Percharde M, Azuara V (2013)

Ncoa3 functions as an essential Esrrb coactivator to sustain embryonic stem cell self-renewal and reprogramming. GENES & DEVELOPMENT
Percharde M, Lavial F, Ng JH, Kumar V, Tomaz RA, Martin N, Yeo JC, Gil J, Prabhakar S, Ng HH, Parker MG and Azuara V (2012)

The context and potential of epigenetics in oncology. BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER
Lopez M, Percharde M, Coley HM, Webb A and Crook T (2009), 100: 571-578